The Babysitter

Like many things, the childcare industry has become more complicated since the laissez faire times of the mid-century. There was certainly room for improvement (evidence for which we will discuss shortly), but when everyone who looks after little Sophia and Desmond during those unavoidable gaps in parental supervision needs a certificate from CSIS and a […]

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Get a job

Another week, another list of dismal job prospects… Director, Liquidity Analytics. I am thinking the reason for this urgent vacancy is that around this time of year there is significant work involved in determining exactly when raindrops are about to turn to snow in order to properly inform the weather man when to switch graphics

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Take this job and shove it

As my job search continues, I continue to be bombarded with inappropriate suggestions from the helpful placement staff that patrol the internet. Clearly I have failed to adequately describe my qualifications and desired job specifications. I would feel bad about this lack of ability to make invisible web career mavens bend to my will except

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Working 9 to 5

My job search continues, undaunted by the thousands of positions that currently languish without alignment to my skills, although I am beginning to suspect they do not align with anyone’s skills. I have no explanation for why a company would post a job so obscure that it will never be filled. Perhaps it is an

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Un-accustomed as I am

Apparently, fear of public speaking (glossophobia for those who are interested in official labels) affects 75% of the population. Clearly that’s not an issue for Bill Clinton or Barack Obama (or even Michelle). And I am happy to say I also belong to the fearless 25%, but that wasn’t always the case. I had no

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Take a letter, Maria

I once had a summer job in an office. This is different than having a summer job that is not in an office like the one supervising a summer playground program (where I learned to hate the smell of sunburned grass) or the one pasting new-fangled bar codes on library books (where, to quell the

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The egg and I

There must be someone at Google with the job title of ‘Doodle Topic Researcher’ and if they ever move on from that job to something more lucrative I would like to apply. That’s because the job does not seem to entail much more than finding out what person, place or thing is having an anniversary

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To Serve and Protect

Hopefully there is a statute of limitations on non-disclosure agreements, although I think I am okay because I didn’t sign one and the company that did is long gone, and there was no murder involved that I am aware of. Anyhow, this tale falls into the truth is stranger than fiction category. Several years ago

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