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Among the disembodied heads of Easter Island

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Marilyn Carr’s resume is mostly distinguished by too many hours spent in frequent flyer lounges. She is astonished that, as a management consultant and software industry analyst, people actually believed what she said. She has authored hundreds of pieces of business writing, including eBooks for companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP that have been downloaded many thousands of times, even though none of them is very funny. She is a keynote speaker who has entertained and enlightened large audiences at countless international conferences on topics like how to avoid fatal accidents on the information highway and how to become a software billionaire (hint: start with at least two billion). Marilyn is a 2020 MFA graduate from the University of King’s College, her third masters degree, but who’s counting? (She is.) Her most recent memoir, How I Invented the Internet, was released in September 2022. She is currently working on the next installment, If it’s Shreveport, It must be Tuesday, to be published in fall 2024.