Cottage Status Report 20240601

We have water! It was a simple thing, really. Turns out it wasn’t the controller for the pump, it was the pump. A new pump was purchased. It didn’t even cost more than $1,000! And, they’ve made great strides in pump technology over the past 20 years: instead of three wires it has only two, and doesn’t require a controller. …


Suburban Status Report 20240524

When we got back from the cottage on Wednesday night, there was a Canada Post ‘pick up a parcel’ slip attached to the front door. This was decidedly odd. Normally, ...

Cottage Status Report 20240427

  The dock spider was waiting when we pulled up in the tin boat to wake the cottage from its winter slumber. Actually, that’s not quite accurate. One of the ...

The Suite Life

  Apparently, hotels can’t build suites (as opposed to run-of-the-mill hotel rooms) fast enough to keep up with the demand. I guess the Russian mafia is still solvent and rock ...
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