Hear Me Roar

I do not apologize for liking TV shows like Scandal, The Good Wife, Suits, and yes, even Nashville. Because they all have lots of strong, empowered, female characters who do not shy away from stomping the spiky four-inch heels of their pointy Louboutin’s squarely into the instep of the mirror-toed Ferragamo loafers of the men

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Once upon a time In a world of men, I complained. I probably imagined it It probably wasn’t a big deal It couldn’t have been what he meant And anyway I should just suck it up At least that’s what the woman from HR said And what he said when she made me explain myself

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Trust me

I am a trusted traveler. Or at least I have a card that proves I have told the government everywhere I have ever worked or lived, which apparently somehow makes me less of a threat to the rest of the travelling public and those who toil in the airline industry. Or at least that’s how

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The name game

Yes, it’s a thing. And a very lucrative thing apparently. There is a job called being a ‘namer’. People pay people to come up with name for their idea, product, concept, movie, drug, colour, and I’m sure babies if you happen to be Kanye and Kim (do you really think they came up with North

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Beach blanket bingo

In my continuing attempt to provide simultaneous translation to those of you outside the gilded circle of professional services professionals, here is a supplementary explanation of terminology you should know. On the beach. This is actually an expression from the good old days before HR got its finger in everything. It does not mean that

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