Predictions for 2015

In the grand tradition of looking forward into what the new year will bring, here are my predictions for 2015.

1. There will be no decisions about how to fix the transit situation in Toronto. Council will decide to swap subways for RTs, then decide to un-decide and perhaps go with horse drawn carriages (much more environmentally friendly). Then they will decide to table the decision for the next iteration of council in 2019.

2. There will be some new food trends. Barbeque and tacos are so 2014. This year we will embrace the retro irony of jellied salads (made from gelatin from rendered animal bones, therefore decidedly not vegan) and perhaps also iceberg lettuce will get a (well deserved) new lease on life.

3. Justin Bieber will get arrested until he can’t get arrested and we forget he ever existed.

4. We will complain about the summer. It will either be too hot, not hot enough, too dry, or too rainy. It will definitely be too short.

5. Gym membership will surge in January. By March there will no longer be long lineups for the elliptical machines and the spinning class will once again have spare bikes (spinning is so 2005, by the way).

6. The spare heir will be adorable and will not wear George’s hand-me-downs even if he is not a she. Although those puffed sleeved Peter Pan collared shirts would be appropriate for any gender. Just sayin’

7. Someone will win the lottery. It will not be me. I think you need to buy a ticket first.

8. I might find the corkscrew that went missing when we moved. And if not, I will continue to buy screwtop wine. Sorry about that, dinner guests.

9. Gold will rise. Oil will fall. Unless gold falls and oil rises. Either way, gas prices will go up and the dollar will go down.

10. Gian Ghomeshi will still be toast.

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