Wrong Number

In May, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) said it will introduce 942 as Toronto’s new overlay area code on April 26, 2025. The new digits will come a year before all existing 416, 647, and 437 phone numbers are expected to be exhausted. As you may know, the reason we now run out […]

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Dream, Dream, Dream

If someone were to review my dreams, they would probably give them one star at best. Repetitive, they would say.  Not much of a discernable plot, they would say. Derivative, they would say. Nothing at all that’s remotely inventive. Here’s why. There’s the one about the final exam I have not studied for, which is

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Once upon a time In a world of men, I complained. I probably imagined it It probably wasn’t a big deal It couldn’t have been what he meant And anyway I should just suck it up At least that’s what the woman from HR said And what he said when she made me explain myself

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Viva Las Vegas

Because hotels in Las Vegas have the tendency to be torn down and replaced every 10 years, the amount of conference space has grown exponentially. No hotel is worth its salt unless it can accommodate 10,000 bums in seats for a keynote speech and as a result, you can have half a dozen events happening

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Trust me

I am a trusted traveler. Or at least I have a card that proves I have told the government everywhere I have ever worked or lived, which apparently somehow makes me less of a threat to the rest of the travelling public and those who toil in the airline industry. Or at least that’s how

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