It’s worse than that, he’s dead Jim

Apparently there is a Star Trek movie coming out shortly. I think it is another ‘youthful’ Kirk, Spock etc. plot line. Truthfully, I find most things about Star Trek dumb, so in fact this is a small sample of some of the particularly stupid stuff.

There are no hair stylists in space. Or perhaps there are hair stylists, just only one type per species who only knows how to cut one style. How else to explain that every Vulcan (male and female) sports the Spock bowl-cut, and that all Klingons have that weird dreadlock mullet. Although somehow the humans are able to have different hair styles. I’m not sure how to explain this but most about Star Trek defies explanation.

There are only two plot lines: a planet is in trouble and the Enterprise must go to the rescue or someone is trying to take over some portion of the universe and the Enterprise must go to the rescue. When a planet is in trouble, an advance party needs to beam down to find out what’s going on. This group will consist of five or six people, four or five of whom you have never seen before. You will also never see them again as these are what’s referred to by those of us who analyze Star Trek as ‘expendables’. I’m not sure why anyone agrees to be part of these forays because it is truly a career-ending move.

When someone is provoking disharmony in some quadrant of space (Borg , you are particularly implicated here), despite all of the other ships that seem to litter the universe like flotsam, only the Enterprise is capable of intervening even if it means navigating a worm hole or two to get there. Once it arrives, it immediately proves why no one should be relying on the Federation to save the world(s) because they immediately lose warp capacity and/or fall prey to some as yet un-encountered weapon for which there is no known defence. The best method to conquer the enemy always takes exactly 45 minutes to discover and implement, and in short order the powers of good are restored. For another week.

The uniforms are all jumpsuits. I believe this is true for any and all species, although some have more elaborate differentiating accoutrements like epaulets and belts that help you tell one species from another as if it wasn’t already apparent from the hair style. In the future the fashion options have clearly devolved into relentless conformity. The good thing about this is it no doubt makes it easy to figure out what to wear each day. The bad thing is the choice of the jumpsuit as the common denominator, as anyone who wore one when they were in vogue in late 20th century Earth could easily have told the citizens of Star Date 41254.7. This is yet another example of how the wisdom of ancient civilizations is often lost over the eons of time.

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