About Me

Among the disembodied heads of Easter Island


Marilyn Carr grew up in the quirky, isolated Ontario town of Deep River that only existed because of science.

Her resume includes management consulting, market research and ten years as a technology industry analyst. She is particularly adept at borrowing your watch to tell you what time it is. During her tenure at International Data Corporation, a division of International Data Group, the world’s largest technology media company, her publication list spanned hundreds of pieces of business writing, including eBooks for companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP that have been downloaded many thousands of times even though none of them is very funny. She is also a keynote speaker who has entertained and enlightened large audiences at countless international conferences. Marilyn holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Waterloo, an MLS in Information Science from the University of Toronto, an MBA in Finance, also from U of T, (and she wishes to stress this was full time studies before it was possible to get an MBA from anywhere at any time if you send in a box top and $100,000), and is a class of 2020 MFA in non-fiction from the University of King’s College, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Marilyn is currently working on part two of her memoir, How I Invented the Internet.